The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, tenth session

Warehouse 13

pentagram-300px.pngThe door was unlocked. Boxes and crates had been pushed aside to clear a space for a giant pentacle inscribed on the floor. The adventurers concealed themselves behind the crates. They waited to ambush the Ordo Septinarius members.

They did not wait long. A merchant arrived, with guards. As he proceeded to light the candles, Ruggles and Dolf unleashed their crossbows, while Sven smashed them with his morningstar. The battle was bloody but brief. They dragged the bodies to the back of the warehouse and re-set the ambush.

The Ordo Septinarius members arrived separately, and each met the same doom, one after the other. There were quite a pile of corpses in the back when Johannes Teugen and two other members arrived. With Teugen was the servant boy who had murdered Friedrich Magirius. When Ruggles shot him with a crossbow he turned into a hideous demon. But Ruggles kept his cool, and the second shot finished the thing off. Sven smashed Teugen with a morningstar to the head before he could cast his foul magic.

The last merchant to arrive was cautious; he didn’t enter. But Sven attacked him at the door. He ran down the street but Ruggles, Dolf, Milil, Pogo and Sven chased him and cut him down in the dank fog.

The hangover

The night’s killing work was over. The wealthiest and most corrupt merchants in Bögenhafen were now a pile of corpses in a cold warehouse smeared with blood. Sven looked up at the hideous moon, seemingly smaller now. He had a feeling that he had helped save this city from a terrible doom. Be that as it may, Ruggles knew that Bögenhafen would not reward the murderers of its city fathers. It was time to flee the city, and the Berebeli was the means of escape. Reluctantly, Pogo Timmins joined them, now an outlaw in his own city thanks to these troublemakers.


NickDaniel nehwon

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