The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, ninth session

The Darkest Hours

Teugen’s mansion

There was no time to lose. The Ordo Septinarius members were meeting to plot doom for Bögenhafen — and they were gathered in Johannes Teugen’s mansion!


But, how to get in?

Thord scales a wall

Thord scaled the wall and found himself in Teugen’s grounds. Several black dogs came bounding towards him. He shot them, but their yelps attracted armed guards. One threw a blade at Thord’s neck. He was forced to retreat, bleeding profusely.

Rebuffed and re-buffeted

Meanwhile the others tried a frontal assault, but Teugen’s guards were the best in town. They gave the adventurers a nasty drubbing and sent them on their way.

A concerned merchant

Back at the Berebeli, Ruggles waxed lyrical about the merits of cowardice and the joys of slinking away into the night, but Pogo Timmins held fast. Sure enough, they were visited the next day by Friedrich Magirius who voiced his fear that his colleagues in Ordo Septinarius were planning something devilish. Their temple in the sewers had been defiled, so they sought a new location for their evil ritual. Magirius said he would find out the new location as soon as possible.

Magirius’ fate

The adventurers awaited word from Magirius in the library and eventually his servant came to fetch them. He showed them into Magirius’ study in his mansion — only to find him murdered within. The servant vanished and shouted for the guards. It was a set-up. Ruggles almost got caught by the guards, who must have been nearly outside. As she escaped, Milil noticed the word ‘Warehouse’ scratched into the desk, and a number which could have been 13 or 17.

To the warehouse

The adventurers made their way across town to the warehouse district. Along the way they evaded a mob which was hunting them for supposedly starting a fire. Warehouse 17 was quiet, but Warehouse 13 — owned by the Teugen Family — had been carefully cleared on one side. This was the place for the ritual.


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