The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, fifth session

Burghers of Bogenhafan

Aubentag 1st Pflugzeit

Sludge below, scum on top

Dawn came to Boganhofen. Sven had been badly injured down below, so he went to seek a physician. The others decided to get their things from the Welcome Stranger.

The not-so-welcome-stranger

The Innkeeper at the Welcome Stranger demanded pay for the nights’ accommodation, refusing to honour the magistrates’ boon. When Thord and Ruggles attempted to retrieve their gear, two street-fighting bouncers blocked them. A barroom brawl erupted. Thord and Ruggles were badly beaten. But Millil manacled the innkeeper and ‘persuaded’ him to let them grab their gear.

A visit with Dr Malthusius

Next stop was Dr Malthusius’ tent. The Doktor offered them a brandy but no reward. He explained that his three-legged goblin had been found and killed (“a crate fell on him”) in a local warehouse. He was unconvinced by the burnt pelvis which Ruggles waved at him.

The unjust magistrate

Magistrate Richter was not in a generous mood. As far as he was concerned the escaped monster had been found and eliminated. He was certainly not going to offer a reward for a burnt three-jointed pelvis. A nearby halfling agitator named Pogo pricked up his ears. The Town Hall would hear of this outrage!

At the Town Hall

Ruggles, Millel and Thord stormed to the Town Hall with their new small friend to complain about Magistrate Richter’s disgraceful injustices. They were stonewalled, but Pogo heard that the goblin had been found at the Steinhager Warehouse. The Steinhagers were a powerful local merchant clan.

Surgeon or chop-shop?

Sven meanwhile waited and waited, and eventually saw the surgeon. Elsewhere in the streets, Ruggles used his street smarts to find a back-alley chop shop. He and Thord needed help; they had been seriously beaten by the thugs in the tavern.

The warehouse

Pogo, Millil, Dolph and Sven headed to the Steinhager warehouse. Sven broke in and found a fellow called Anton, who claimed he’d killed the goblin. Anton called for help and the guards arrived to find him in a headlock with Sven. A tricky situation, but once again Millil saved the day by bribing them to walk away. They left the warehouse and Sven led Anton to a nearby dark alley for a ‘quiet talk’.


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