The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, eighth session

The Bögenhafen conspiracy

The word on the street

Although Ruggles feared whatever impending doom approached Bögenhafen that night at twelfth bell, the others were determined to disrupt it. Ruggles decided to keep his ear out for gossip (and maybe his bowl out for a few coins) while Thord loitered nearby. But the Bögenhafenites continued their Schaffenfest obliviously; no one seemed to know anything about the conspiracy.

Temple Platz

The others investigated the phrase ‘Ordo Septinarius’, which had been inscribed in the Demon’s circle beneath the Steinhager offices. On the assumption that priests might know about demons they tried the Temple Platz in the centre of town.

Sigmar, hero of the Empire

220px-Alserkirche_Kupferstich.jpgThe temple of Sigmar was the greatest and most impressive in Bögenhafen. Sven and Pogo were approached by a pompous priest who asked for donations. They heard nothing about Ordo Septinarius but Sven became convinced that the Empire itself was in danger.

Library of Vyrena

Dolf and Milil visited the temple of Vyrena. Dolf was particularly impressed by its library. The priestess did know a little of Ordo Septinarius. It was a semi-secret organisation of merchants in Bögenhafen. She named some of the members including the Teugens and house Magirius. She said the group had made donations to the temples of Shalia and Bögenor, each of which were a short distance across the Platz.

Shalia and Bögenor

They found no one at the temple of Bögenor except for a cleaner. The temple of Shalia ran a hospice for homeless women, and worked tirelessly for the poor. The Ordo Septinarius had indeed donated to their soup kitchen in ‘The Pit’, the slum across the river.

The Merchants’ Guild

An imposing building. The adventurers gathered there to interview Herr Friedrich Magirius, who had been named by the priestess of Vyrena. He seemed a bit flustered by the rag-tag group but invited them to dinner at an expensive restaurant across the way. Ruggles and the others chewed their delicious meals greedily. Magirius claimed the Ordo Septinarius was a harmless association, dedicated to good in the community. After dinner, he excused himself. A note fluttered unseen from his pocket as he departed. Sven picked up the note and read a command to attend an Ordo Septinarius meeting at Johannes Teugen’s mansion at sundown. Here was a chance to catch the conspirators!

Teugen’s thugs

They returned to the vicinity of Teugen’s mansion. The guards were still there but the wall did not look too hard to climb. Before they could formulate a plan, they noticed a number of thugs emerging from the streets surrounding them. The thugs carried clubs. “You’ve been poking your nose in the wrong business,” said the thug leader. Pogo Timmins began to stammer an apologetic response, but Sven responded aggressively, charging at the nearest thug with his flail swinging. Ruggles rolled his eyes and joined him. A nasty fight ensued. Pogo got badly clubbed, but the thugs near Sven suffered a worse fate. During the confusion it was impossible to say whether Dolf had actually used magic successfully or if a thug had spontaneously fallen asleep. The thugs faltered and fell back as a bell sounded. “The watch!” they cried and everyone scattered into the streets.


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