The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, eleventh session

Ship of Death

The quiet canal

Bögenhafen slipped astern, to everyone’s relief. Josef steered the Berebeli up the canal toward Weissbruck, Thord had decided he liked the shipboard life. He busied himself with boat work. Belowdecks, Dolf and Millil pored over the tome of spells they had discovered.

Dead in the Water

The next day, Thord spotted a body in the water, mangled and pierced with crossbow bolts. He hauled it aboard and Ruggles searched the corpse — not long dead, it seemed — for loose change. In vain.


Round a bend and the Berebeli came upon another river barge, listing and half beached, with a rowboat on the shore nearby. Corpses of men and Chaos Mutants floated nearby. After pulling alongside, Pogo Timmins and Ruggles stepped aboard the vessel.


From the forest nearby flew a female mutant armed with a spear. Thord, Dolf and Ruggles loosed their arrows at the thing. At the same time a fanged, furry mutant and one with a beak for a nose emerged from the cabin. Ruggles wanted to jump back to the Berebeli, but Pogo, Millil and Sven jumped into battle, so he stayed too.

Thord and Dolf fired at the flying mutant until she retreated back to the trees. Sven quickly finished off ‘Beardy’, but ‘Beaky’ slashed Pogo with its sword. As Sven ran to kill Beaky, Ruggles noticed tentacles rising from the water. The tentacles grabbed Millel and Ruggles slashed at one. Millil could take care of herself though. She slashed the tentacle which held her and severed it in two. Thord vaulted on board and shot arrows overboard at the owner of the tentacles — another mutant with tentacles for arms.


Sven searched the boat and found some weapons, crates of wool and a woman hiding in a crate belowdecks. She was a peddler named Renate who had boarded in Bögenhafen and hid during the attack. She said the boat’s owner was one Fritz Segal, but knew nothing of his relatives. Ruggles offered to take her as far as Weissbruck, which she gratefully accepted.


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