Milil Lededje

A mysterious elven seer

Name Race Gender Career Class Alignment Fate Points
Milil Lededje Wood Elf Female Acedemic Good 2
Age Height Weight Hair Eyes Description
119 6’2" Chestnut with white streak Green/blue
Current Career Career Path Career Exits Experience
Wizard’s Apprentice Seer Agitator, Charlatan 130 (430)
M WS BS S T W I A Dex Ld Int Cl WP Fel
Starter Profile 4 45 28 3 4 6 63 1 39 40 50 54 35 36
Advance Scheme +1 +10 +10 +10
Advances Taken +10 +10
Skill Benefits +10
Current Profile 73 45 46

Excellent Vision, Sing, Cryptography, Read/Write, Lightning Reflexes, Acute Hearing, Arcane Language – Magick, Divination, Magical Sense, Blather, Charm Animal, Cast Spells – Petty Magic

Spells Magic Points



Type Head Right Arm Left Arm Body Right Leg Left Leg
Leather 0/1 0/1 0/1

Money (1GC = 20SS = 240 CP)
17 Gold Crowns
18 Silver Shillings
3 Copper Pennies

Clothes, Divination equipment (tray with black sand), manacles, quill, ink, parchment, medallion (pentagram)


Milil is the daughter of the revered waywatcher (insert name), and twin to her brother (insert name). Born with an opaque eye and white streak some said she was cursed. Growing up she never knew her mother, and the townsfolk were wary of her, due to her looks, acute sight and hearing and magical senses. Eventually it was her own brother who forced her to leave whilst her father was away. She has never returned.

Milil Lededje

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