The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, third session

Down and Out in Bogenhafen

The Watcher of Weissbruck

Konistag 30th Jahrdrung

The Berebeli made its way slowly through the locks and canals. At the end of the third day they moored at the town of Weissbruck, a small town made wealthy by its ownership of the locks. As they tied up, Ruggles noticed a neck-scarred man lounging in the portico of the Black Gold Inn observing them intently. It was the man Ruggles had seen in the plaza at Altdorf, with the ear-pulling freaks who had later ended up dead in the streets.

The adventurers stepped in to the Black Gold Inn but neck-scar had already departed. Millil and Ruggles chatted to a local drunkard, who said he’d seen the fellow at the Happy Man Inn last night. They followed the drunkard to Happy Man while Sven and Dolf sauntered off to the third inn in town, the Trumpet.

Sven decided for some reason to step into the inn through the kitchen at the back. Dolf went in the front way — and gulped as he saw the neck-scar guy talking with three burly and unfriendly-looking dock workers.

Meanwhile, Millil and Ruggles had found nothing at the Happy Man and made their way to the Trumpet. Ruggles entered and sat down to watch the scene. The neck scar man scuttled out the back, but was intercepted by Sven, who punched him. The man disengaged from the dwarf and staggered up the alley, only to be tripped and grappled by Millil. Ruggles caught up and pointed his sword at the man’s throat, while Sven stood by glaring. Rather than talking the man shoved Millil aside. Sven punched his head — a little over-zealously — and knocked him senseless. They dragged him back to the barge. He never regained consciousness.

Josef shook his head sadly. His crew had cost him a peaceful stay in Weissbruck.

The paper

On the neck-scar man’s body was a note, which suggested he had been seeking the man whom Ruggles was impersonating, and that he was a high official in some kind of cult.


Mitterfrühl Day

A few days later the barge reached Bogenhafen. The town bustled with the activity of the Schaffenfest. The adventurers said their goodbyes to the Berebeli and strode ashore.

“Garten Weg? What Garten Weg?”

Ruggles first task was to look sharp for his appointment with the lawyers. He borrowed money from Sven for fine clothes, a shave and a bath. However he was puzzled when the outfitter had never heard of the famous lawyers of Garten Weg, or even that street. Neither had the courts, or the printers of the pamphlet. At the printers, Ruggles learned that the letter was a ruse, dreamed up by the neck-scarred man. Ruggles’ dreams of wealth evaporated.

The Schaffenfest

Disconsolate, Ruggles joined the others to sample the delights of the Schaffenfest. All sorts of events and activities were available. Sven entered a prize fight with boxing champion Crusher, but fist fights were not Sven’s game (he preferred maiming weapons) so he was bruised and defeated, and lost his money. Later, Sven released a miscreant dwarf called Gottry from the stocks, but the fellow ran around creating more havoc.

Millel caught an escaped three-legged goblin from Doktor Malthusias’ freakshow. Herr Doktor was grateful and offered to let her and her friends see the show for free. The show was interesting but the goblin escaped again, this time disappearing down a sewer drain. The magistrate got involved. In the end the adventurers agreed to track down the goblin and earn a reward from both the city and the Doktor.


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