The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, sixth session

Burglars of Boganhofan

Aubentag 1st Pflugzeit

Accounts payable

Interview with Anton

The guards having left with their bribes, Sven retired to a nearby alley with the luckless Anton and showed considerable restraint by giving him just a few bruises. Anton revealed that the goblin had been killed by Franz Steinhager of the famous Steinhager merchant clan, whose offices were in Kaufmann Strasse.

The Crossed Pikes Tavern

Ruggles wanted to find out more about the Steinhagers. He visited the Crossed Pikes Tavern — a local disreputable haunt he had discovered. “Franz” there was very helpful. He told of stangely mutilated bodies with their hearts ripped out; how the door in the sewers was right under the Steinhager offices; and of people coming and going at all hours from there.

Appointment with Heinrich Steinhager

Meanwhile, Millil and Dolph tried more legitimate means of discovering information about the Steinhagers. They convinced the doorkeep Gerhard to grant them an impromptu appointment with Heinrich Steinhager (the brother of the head of the house Franz) at his offices. Dolph quickly scouted out the compound while pretending to use the facilities. He noticed a large dog called Fang, which would need to be taken care of.

The burglary

That night, Ruggles kept an eye on the offices until both Franz and Heinrich Steinhager and their guards left. Gerhard remained inside and would not emerge. Millil and Dolph offered him a mug of ale laced with a powerful drug, and he soon fell asleep. It was time to break and enter the Steinhager offices!

They broke into a window in a back alley and made their way into the compound. First, Millil used her affinity with animals to lock Fang up with the sleeping Gerhard in the front office. They then proceeded to explore the offices.

Demonic discoveries

There was not much to be found but in Franz’s office they discovered a demonic book of spells and a note from one Johannes Teugen saying that all of Bogenhafen would be ‘transformed’ when the last bell of the Schaffenfest tolled. There was also a safe behind a picture, but no one could crack safes.

Vincenzo the Needle

There wouldn’t be another chance to raid the Steinhager offices. Ruggles raced through the streets to the Crossed Pikes, where he tried to persuade Franz to introduce him to a local safe-cracker. Franz was suspicious, but he let slip the name ‘Vincenzo the Needle’ and that he might be found in Furlonstrasse. Ruggles raced off again, and scoured the street. Just as he was about to despair, he found Vincenzo and persuaded him (for a promise of a large percentage) to come to the Steinhager offices that night. Alas! In spite of Vincenzo’s best efforts, the safe was magically locked, so there was no treasure for the burglars. They scattered into the night.


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