The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, seventh session

Last day of the Schaffenfest

Marktag 2nd Pflugzeit

Before the twelfth bell

simplelibertybell-300px.pngAnother grey dawn in Bogenhafen. The group trudged wearily from the ransacked Steinhager offices to the Berebeli, still moored at the docks. Josef greeted them cheerily, but all they wanted was sleep. And answers.

After a brief sleep, and a quick breakfast from street vendors, everyone discussed what to do. Ruggles wanted to leave the city, which had brought him only (further) penury. He was nervous about the note from the Demon-summoning Johannes Teugen about the Temple being ready and the twelfth bell and whatnot. But Sven and Thord wanted to disrupt the evil plan — if only to cause economic suffering to the Steinhagers and their friends. Perhaps they should throw all the bells in the city into the river? Or stake out Johannes Teugen’s mansion? They wandered in that direction.

Madman in the Platz

They walked past the Council Haus on the way to the rich mansions of the Adel Ring. A mob was listening to a crazed preacher, spouting about the end of days, the six and nine, the coming of Chaos etc. etc. The preacher pointed at Ruggles, saying ‘He has the mark of the beast!’. Ruggles felt a bit uncomfortable, but the preacher ran off.

Pogo remembered that he had unfinished business in the council house. While the others continued to Johannes Teugen’s mansion, he headed into the city office.

An interview with the Va…Councillor

Pogo was so insistent that his issue be resolved that he was eventually shown into the office of Councillor Johannes Teugen, a cadaverously pale man with long incisors, who sat in a darkened room sipping a dark liquid from a chalice. Councillor Teugen assured Pogo that the city had his best interests at heart, and only became slightly nervous when Pogo mentioned bells.


Outside the mansion

Two guards stood at the gate of Johannes Teugen’s mansion. Sven and Thord were tempted to just kill them, but it was broad daylight. Millil tried to fast-talk them and Dolph even tried to magic one to sleep but (as usual with his “magic”) failed.

The sun rose slowly in the sky on the last day of the Schaffenfest. Something terrible was going to happen — but what, and how to prevent it?


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