The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, second session

City of Altdorf

Wellentag 25th Jahrdrung

On the Road


Ex-sorcerer’s apprentice Dolf Insteik and Elf seer Milil Lededje sought adventure in Altdorf (co-incidentally the same adventure sought by Thord, Sven and Ruggles). But they were flung from their coach by a beastman attack. When they regained consciousness, they peered from the woods and saw those three adventurers (and Phillipe) taking care of the menace.


Roadwardens arrived, surveyed the carnage. They piled the bodies into the cart and Dolf offered to ride it to the next inn (the Seven Spokes) with his new found companions. With the roadwardens accompanying them, there was no further highway trouble.

Overnight at the Seven Spokes Inn

Sven and Ruggles used some of the loot they had gained from the beastmen to get a room — and a bath. Tonight it was Milil’s turn to game with Phillipe, while Dolf chatted to the young academic, whom he found to be quite boring.

Welcome to Altdorf

Aubentag 26th Jahrdrung

altdorf.jpgOnce more the coachman were as hungover as dogs the next day. They were more than relieved when Dolf offered to steer the coach for them. Thord also rode on top, his sharp eyes alert for danger. Ruggles, who had been injured by the beastmen, snoozed away the day in the coach. Eventually they arrived at the Kunigplatz (King’s Square) of mighty Altdorf, surrounded by crowds and bustle, and overlooking the River Reik.

Secret Signs

Ruggles stretched and yawned, but his beady eyes were scanning the crowds, alleyways, merchants and passers by. Two strange fellows caught his eye, who were touching their ears strangely, while staring pointedly at Ruggles. At first Ruggles took them for local thieves, but when he challenged them they backed off, confused, and retreated into a tower across the square where they were joined by a stocky armoured man with a huge neck scar.

Marktag 27th Jahrdrung

Ruggles made enquiries and found that the Prince had indeed been in the city, but that he had left the day before for the grey hills, accompanied by a number of adventurers. It seemed they were too late!

Ruggles took his new friends aside and told them conspiratorially of his new potential fortune. He suggested they all forget the prince and instead journey to Bogenhafen to claim ‘his’ inheritance. The new companions seemed amenable to the idea, and the course was set.

While Sven and Thord headed down to the river to organise passage on a barge, Ruggles ‘worked the square’ and Milil set up a tent for her mystical divinations. Both activities were moderately profitable.

Dolf found his magical skills were not so profitable. He strolled instead to the nearby Universitas Altdorfas. He bluffed his way into the Great Library of Altdorf. He spent a few hours fruitlessly researching Ruggles’ ‘family’. Dolf concluded that this family did not exist.

The Boatman Inn.

Down at the docks, Sven ran into Josef, an old drinking buddy, who now ran a profitable wine transport business. It so happened that his barge was soon to travel to Bogenhafen for the famous Schaffenfest. He offered working passage to Sven and his companions. With that business completed, Sven and his pal began the real business: drinking. Thord went to get the others from the town square.

The man in black

A scarred, black-clothed man entered the Boatman Inn and demanded a jug of brandy. The inn folk seemed scared of him. Josef warned Sven against messing with him. Sven kept on drinking.

The tittering nobles

Later, a couple of well-dressed nobles entered the bar with their bodyguards. They were giggling to themselves. One of them insulted Sven, who tried to smash his face with an ale tankard, but was blocked by a bodyguard. Then the man in black intervened. Sven, not one for small talk or insults, attacked the grim-faced one. “Band of brothers,” muttered Ruggles sadly as he prepared to join his impulsive friend. But there was no need for aid. Sven’s morning star swung down and smashed the black one’s head to pulp. The corpse twitched and dropped. After a shocked silence, spontaneous applause erupted in the inn. The giggling nobles departed, escorted by their anxious bodyguards. Ruggles and some of the inn folk helped to drag the body into the canal outside.

Intrigue by night

It was high time to leave. The adventurers left the Boatman’s and hurried into the foggy street. Ruggles and Sven were singing loudly, but Dolf and Milil noticed they were being followed. They hung back and saw two ruffians approached Sven and Ruggles with malicious intent. Before Dolf could act, the two rogues slumped forward — they had been shot in the back with crossbow bolts! Dolf called Ruggles and Sven. Ruggles realised the two were the same ear-tweaking ruffians he’d seen in the Altdorf square. Ruggles was puzzled, but also drunk and street smart enough to want to get away from here. They rolled the bodies into the canal and hurried to Josef’s barge – the Berebeli.

Setting sail

Bachertag 28th Jahrdrung

The next day dawned grey and watery. Josef woke the group with the news that the two nobles from the previous night had been murdered, and the City Watch wanted to question the adventurers. The Berebeli pulled away from the dock in the Weissbruck Canal with its new crew wisely staying belowdecks until the ship could be clear of the intrigues of Altdorf.


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