The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, fourth session

The Sewers of Bogenhafen

Mitterfrühl Day

Into the sewers

Without further ado the adventurers pulled aside the iron plug which bore the arms of Boganhofen. The smell was disgusting, but Ruggles had smelt worse. As long as you could keep from falling in the sludge you were fine, he told himself. He winced as Milil missed her footing on the ladder and plunged into the putrid water.

After plucking Milil from the bottom, the party made their way barely breathing along a narrow ledge beside the gurgling sewer water. Thord had brought his man-catcher to grap the three-legged goblin when they located it. Soon they found a blood trail which led off into the dark.


The air became thick and foul. Suddenly rats swarmed through the water as the air above exploded in flames. Sewer gas! Everyone was shocked and a bit singed, but no great harm done.

The Thing in the Water

After a while the blood trail crossed an intersection. Nobody wanted to walk through the foul water, so they jumped across. However something in the water was disturbed: a huge tentacular thing flopped out of the water and attacked Sven, engulfing the dwarf in its slimy body. Ruggles, Thord and Milil jumped in the sewer water and tried shooting the thing, which was flailing tentacles everywhere. Finally the creature died with a gurgle as Sven chopped his way out of its stomach.

Demon in the Dark

Some way up the tunnel there was a stout door in the tunnel. Ruggles sneaked inside and saw a room with a pentacle and a pile of bones. In the centre of the pentacle was a representation of a beast’s head, around which was written “Ordo Septenarius”. With a sulphurous roar a black winged demon formed inside the pentacle, snorting and roaring in a terrible voice, and blowing wafts of black smoke. Ruggles was frightened, but he noticed the demon did not leave the pentacle. He retreated to the door. Sven and Milil tried to enter but were too terrified. Ruggles rushed back in and grabbed the bones — which included a strange three-jointed pelvis — and escaped.

The Cool Night Air

A manhole bearing the seal of Boganhofen slid aside with a grating sound. Ruggles, Sven, Milil and Dolph Insteik emerged to the street (Thord had exited the sewers earlier). It was one in the morning. No one was around. Smelly and dirty, the group made their way to the Journey’s End Inn, but they were refused entry. Instead they crept through the dark streets to the docks, where they crawled under the tarpaulins of the Berebeli.

Josef was quite surprised (and a little disgusted) to see them in the morning. He pushed Ruggles into the water to clean him off.


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