The Curse of Chaos

The Enemy Within, first session

Festag 24th Jahrdrung

Coach and Horses Inn

Ruggles Tomkin, Sven the Skar and Thord sought adventure and had news of work in the capital of the Empire, Altdorf. Their journey started at the Coach and Horses. Thord was snubbed by the haughty Frau Von Strudledorf, while Ruggles chatted and gambled with the dueliste Phillipe. Sven drank beer. A quiet fellow sat in the corner reading. The coachmen were drunk as skunks when they sold the coach tickets to the trio.

Wellentag 25th Jahrdrung

A grey day dawned and the travellers breakfasted and awaited departure. The sun rose higher in the watery sky. Eventually Ruggles and Sven roused the hungover coachmen and they were away. Unfortunately our heroes were forced to ride on the top of the coach, as Lady Isolde’s bodyguard refused to let them in the carriage. Then it started to drizzle.

Thord takes the reins

The coachmen were really in no state to drive so Thord helped out. But trouble struck when a wheel broke and the coach lurched to a stop. The horses bolted when a mutant attacked from the forest. Sven immediately retaliated, while Ruggles tried to attract Phillipe’s attention. The mutant had an uncanny resemblance to Rolf, one of Ruggles’ beggar acquaintances. While Sven kept him busy, Phillipe stabbed the mutant from behind and killed him.

Hearing horrible bestial cries from around the bend in the road, the three plus Phillipe came across a grisly sight: an overturned carriage, the ground littered with corpses, and more mutants pawing their remains. One had a Pin Head and was maniacally hacking at the horses, another Cloven Feet, and others with Pointed Head, Dog Head, and one Scaly Skinned one with a crossbow. Sven and even Ruggles charged (waving his stick), while Thord expertly shot arrow after arrow from the cover of the trees. Phillipe meanwhile took aim with his flintlocks, and then drew his own sword.

The double — Kastor Lieberung

The beastmen fought hard but were dispatched. In the wreckage of the coach, Ruggles found a disturbing sight — a corpse who looked just like himself. But “Ev’rry cloud has a silver lining, eh?” – the corpse carried several intriguing documents. One nominated ‘Kastor Lieberung’ to be the lawful heir to a small fortune. The other contained several signatures attesting that this Kastor was who he claimed to be. With these two documents, Ruggles could be rich beyond his dreams!


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